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FAQ – Chasing Ventures



What are presets?

We can say they are like filters. I am making them available for you to use with just an easy steps, so you can improve without the hassle


What program/app do I need to use these presets?

These presets work on Lightroom. Currently, my preset packs are only available for the free Lightroom CC mobile app, but I'll make sure to release the desktop presets soon!


Who are these presets for? Are they right for me?

The presets are for those that want to improve their editing and quality of their photos fast. If you are someone who loves taking beautiful photos on your travels and daily life, but aren't always fully satisfied with how your camera or phone captures the scene, these are for you! There are also a few other advantages that come with using presets ...


What do these presets help me with? 

  • Colour correction and improvement
  • Enhanced light
  • More consistent look and style of your photography
  • A more professional looking photos come possibilities to collaborate with brands and eventually get paid for your photos

(of course, these things don't come included with my presets straight away 😉 but if you are willing to consistently work with them and invest the time, all of the above are possible!)


Why are presets not free / why are they priced the way they are? 

As much as I would have liked to make them available at no cost, there were a bunch of things I had to keep in mind when deciding the price, for example that once I release these presets, they can possibly be used by brands, big companies and campaigns worth thousands. In the end, everyone using the presets is aiming for an improvement in their work and possibly get paid for it, so I would see it as an investment in your hobby or possibly career! Another thing to take into count was the time I have spent learning about all the features, developing these presets and finally testing them to guarantee they work with your photos. Since I received so many questions asking for me to release them, I felt like it was worth the time and effort to make my presets available for you at the lowest cost I thought was possible.


What are the steps to downloading and using these presets? 

After purchasing them in the online store, you will receive an email that grants you access to the presets. Only the email you fill in during check out gets access to the presets! This is very important to ensure no theft or illegal downloads for these presets. Along with that, you will receive a detailed step by step guide to show you how to set your presets up.


What 1-2-1 session consist of? 

It's a bonus that you get when purchasing my presets. You get a video call session (don't worry, you don't need to turn your camera on if you don't want to) and I will teach you how to use Lightroom so you can start editing from yourself.


How do I send the images if I purchase and AyEdit pack?

If you purchase an AyEdit pack you will get an email where I will ask you to send the images to my email through WeTransfer (don't worry, you do not need to download the app, you can do it through browser). I use this website because it's easier and the photos/images won't lose quality whilst sending them.


Where can I reach out to you if I have other questions? 

I'm always available on my direct messages on Instagram (@chasingventures) and I typically answer within minutes to a few hours. I'm also very open to any type of feedback, ideas of improvement or if you simply want to say hello! Until then, happy shopping and I hope you will enjoy my presets! 🙂